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  RICHARD KEMP牛津大学硕士,并取得教师从业资格,曾任教于世界著名的英国贵族学校伊顿公学。在积累了丰富的教学经历后,他再次回到牛津大学进修,并取得教育管理的双硕士学位。他近期曾就职于切尔滕纳姆的帕特文法学校,担任校长工作。帕特文法学校连续多年在英国政府学校中排名前五。去年这所学校更是取得了骄人的学术成绩:GCSE成绩排名全英第一,A level排名成绩全英第二。去年42名帕特的学生获得了进入牛津或剑桥大学学习的入场券,占应届毕业生人数的25%。近来,Richard又前往中国学校工作,以推动和促进国际教育的发展。

RICHARD KEMPRichard graduated from the University of Oxford with a Masters degree, and worked in Eton College which is the world famous British noble school. He then worked in business before returning to Oxford to take his teaching qualification. After teaching in a variety of schools he studied at Oxford University for a second Masters in Education Management. Most recently he was Head Master of Pate's Grammar School in Cheltenham. Pate's is consistently ranked among the top 5 government schools in England. Last year the school's academic results were ranked nationally as 1st for GCSE and 2nd for A levels. Last year 42 Pate's students won places at Oxford or Cambridge, 25% of the graduating year.since his recent retirement Richard has worked with schools in China and the UK to promote international educational links.

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